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Alhamdulillah with the Fadhal and Karam of our Creator, Islam Alive together with Sayed Mohiudeen Family of Cape Town have achieved something that never has been imagined in the history of Islam. For the first time ever on South African soil will we be able to touch, see and smell the original Kiswah of the Holy Kaabah (1422). This piece draped the doors of the Holy Kaabah in the year 2000-2001.
The Sayed Mohiudeen family was presented this priceless piece by Sheikh Hariri Al Majid and Sheikh Faras Fahmy Nakshe Bande of Makkah Mukarammah, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. This curtain together with all relevant documents was presented to the Sayed Mohiudeen Family to be placed in South Africa at a Token Price. The proceeds of which will be sent back to Makkah Mukarammah.

When one first sets their eyes on the Kiswah they are literally taken aback by its splendor and size. This magnificent embroidered drape is four meters wide by six and a half meters high and covers the entire door of the holy Kaabaah. This one piece alone weighs just under a 100kg?s and is embroidered in pure gold and silver thread. In order to get a good view of it you have to stand at least six meters back. Then, because of the nostalgic effect it has on you, you need a few minutes to take in the elegant composition of the intricate gold calligraphy, and to realize its importance as a superb piece of Islamic decorative art.

Masoud Ahmed of Islam Alive, with Mufti Zubair Bhayat, Moulana Ahmed Chohan, Hafez Fuzail Soofie, Sayed Bhai Soofie, Moulana Mohamed Vanker, Moulana Ebrahim, Moulana Mohammed Omarjee (Ginger Rd. PMB) Moulana A.R. Khan (Ismail Olla (Crest Travel), Husnain Muthalib and Nadhir Mohiudeen who represent the Sayed Mohiudeen family will unveil this relic.

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