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A   GRAND Start to the New Year
Alhamdulillah Islam Alive together with the Ismail Family handed over R10 000, 00 to the Anjuman Eikhavatool Islam.  The funds were much needed to facilitate in advancing the students into full time Hifz and to pay for the newly installed Borehole. This Cash injection was welcomed by the over whelmed students and staff. Brother Yaseen Buckas who is an active member of the staff said ecstatically that he still cannot get over the shock of two young girls that had sacrificed their entire savings just so that they could offer a better life to a less fortunate person whom they have never met in their lifves before. Alhamdulillah, may young Masoodah Ismail and Sabah Ismail reap their rewards generously in this world and even more generously in the hereafter.
Factually speaking, we at Islam Alive were just as taken back when we got the call from Mrs. Ismail, who has always been in the forefront whenever the need arose. She informed me that her daughters had just passed their exams and wanted to do something special, as it turned out that Masoodah had also just turned 21 recently. My mind instinctively pictured a fancy restaurant with an exotic menu fit for royalty. My taste buds were still dancing on the flavours of Maputo when Mrs. Ismail informed me that her young daughters would rather want to gift someone less fortunate on this special occasion. I almost choked on that Dream flavor that my tongue had churned out for me. She said that Masoodah  and Sabah would like to donate whatever they had saved the entire year, together with the small cash gift that Masoodah had received from her parents all to a worthy cause. The taste that filled my mouth previously was nothing compared to the joy and excitement that erupted throughout every vessel in my body, there is absolutely no substitute to the joy of spreading happiness. In this world of selfishness, bitterness, greed and malice it is good to see that we still have people that are willing not only to share, but to give away in its full entirety for the pleasure of our Creator.
On behalf of Anjuman Eikvatool Islam Islam Alive would like to respectfully thank the young sisters, and also like to make it known that that the reason we have made this announcement publicly is to encourage others who have the ability to better the lives of those less fortunate  to find deserving organizations  and help uplift our entire community. To write out a cheque brings one kind of joy, but to sacrifice ones time and visit needy organizations and arrange one on one meetings to personally see how your contributions are being spent, brings a joy that far exceeds anything that you have felt. If you not sure who you want to invest with, call us we have a list of deserving cases that really need your assistance.


Salaams brother Masoud.

In reference to this article in the Nov. 2011 issue 25 (PAGE 30/32). Thank you firstly for being courageous enough to expound on a stark reality facing us today. However, I note with disappointment that notwithstanding your attempt to remain impartial with regard to sexes, u invariably referred to in many cases to the unfaithful spouse as a HE, thereby failing to deal with another reality in our times, the growing case of female infidelity in marriages.

This is more so the case as technology now allows a bored housewife to engage in telesex in the en-suite of her bedroom and even whilst lying next to her spouse!!! The times for being presumptuous are over. Women are as guilty of infidelity as men and in fact the rate of increase in female infidelity is greater. The western liberating views have a lot to do with this new found freedom women are finding. Be that as it may, I am a victim of an unfaithful wife for many years and would like to add to the list of signs of an unfaithful wife so the men out there can take note.

1.  U start to see her in new and very different underwear u never seen and which she doesn't wear for u.
2.  Her dressing changes, more perfumes, more revealing clothes with lesser modesty.
3.  An interest in her physical appearance like registering at a local gym.
4.  She begins to BUY flowers which are in a vase when u get home.
5.  She begins to Visit her mum or a new female friend and is not at home more often.
6.  Food is not ready on time, increase in takeout food being served.
7.  Kids not bathing on time and a general decline in the level of care.
8.  Decrease in sexual interest with husband.
9.  New clothes, jewellery cell phones etc that cannot be reconciled to your level of affordability (these are gifts from the lover)
10.  Lack of interest in salaat and other good deeds previously done.
11.  Cell phone on silent and does not ring when man is around...
12. Crying due to guilt or disappointment which u cannot understand, the list is endless.
Now show me how impartial u are and publish this!!
Warm regards.

Victim of an unfaithful wife
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Editor’s Response

Salaams my respected Brother, firstly I applaud you on your response and courage of disclosing your very own personal experience. Secondly I always try to give an impartial view, however sometimes it is hard to be gender conscious as I write from a view of a man. I would like to throw this open to readers to pass their own comments on this one. So this is an open invitation to respond to this article by clicking on the CONTACT US PAGE and posting your comments, or use the POST YOUR COMMENTS tab

Secondly, you quite right in saying that this article was certainly one that had me juggling swords, in fact when I your subject line Cheating in a Marriage, I had already braced myself for a tongue lashing. (Thanks for being lenient) lol.  

Once again thanks so much taking the time to write in. May Allah always keep you strong.

Br.Masoud Ahmed

Slms Brother Masoud,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your website.  It is about time there was an awesome Islamic website such as yours that was developed.  The beauty of it is that even if you miss out on your copy at the masjid, you now have the convenience of viewing it at your leisure.  Your range of advertisers is also quite good.  I would love to see a bit more on the travel side though (Umra tours etc).

Well done in taking your magazine to the next level.  May Allah (SWT) make it an even bigger success in the years to come.

Keep up the excellent work.  

Mohammed Rashid

Editor’s Response
Wslm  my respected Brother.
Wow! I am  taken  aback  by your mail, it really humbles me so much to get responses like yours, and inspires us to go on working even hard. I honestly appreciate your response, and sincerely wish you everything of the best als well.
As far as Umrah and Hajjj Packages go, Alhamdulillah Islam Alive has become the  magazine  of  choice  by  most of  the Travel Fraternity and we ran  a  full scale Hajj and  Umrah  Guide  in  issues 19 and 20 (Click on Past issues  to  view, or I could post you  the hard copies  if you wish.

Once again I thank you  for taking  the  time  to  write  in and  I only wish the best for you and your family.

Your brother Always
Masoud Ahmed

Our Educational System
The current education system is in shambles just like every other system in this country. An education system in shambles, turmoil, reeking with corruption. A legacy that our Minister of Education Mr. Kader Asmal (A Muslim) left behind. A system that has seen many changes but has not recovered. The bumbling & tumbling & rumbling goes on & on. The promises sound good but the delivery is up to >@/=+*^$###???
Salim Jadwat

Editor’s Response
I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact just the other night I was in a discussion with my learned friend Br. Abu who is not only a qualified electrician, but a perfectionist as well. He made a brilliant remark, suggesting that at grade 10 (Std 8) the system should sift out and offer more realistic courses so that  learners are not only offered the funnel type courses, but are given a choice to go into where their talents lie. For Example if you good with your hands, then maybe steer you in the direction of carpentry, or if you good with food then steer you into the hospitality field. Why waste the next three years studying science, biology and geography, when you can become the best plumber in the world. Sounds like it could work, so instead of our politicians discussing whether to eat Sushi off semi clad women, they should get their teeth sunk into this.
Br. Masoud Ahmed

As salaamu Alaikum Brother Masoud

Your magazine is fresh and informative - keep up the good work . Alhamdulilah, I look forward to your publication every month as the articles are very current and even more informative. It is the type of articles I became accustomed to when I had been reading your magazine from your previous stable. I would like to emphasise the word ‘Had.’(Content removed-Masoud Ahmed)  
Islam Alive on the other hand discusses issues affecting the community at large, which is well received and much appreciated by the community.
However, if I may give some constructive criticism, I would suggest an advice column in respect of marriages as this seems to be the issue which has various branches for discussion. It would be suggested that some qualified person be engaged to provide such advice. In addition, I have spoken to various people and it seems that a popular feature is the recipes. This is not present in your magazine and would appreciate it if you were to give consideration to this request.
Overall- Masha allah and May Allah take the magazine from strength to strength.
Irshaad –By Email

Editor’s Response
Brother Irshad
Firstly I must apologize for literally removing most of the content from your mail. I share your sentiments as well. However, sincerely feel that you should take up your grievance with the publication concerned as I have no control of what appears in other publication. Furthermore my philosophy has always been, take the good and leave what you think doesn’t suit you. I am sure there something good in every publication.
Secondly, it is good to note that you are an avid reader of IslamALIVE who appreciates the work and effort that goes into trying to promote our Deen to the masses. I assure you it is no easy task writing articles that appeal to almost all sectors of the Ummah. You certainly have oiled our wheels by your words of encouragement. May our Creator accept your Duas to us.
Thirdly with regard to a recipe column, we do have Seafood Market that does this for us under the heading of Kitchen Secrets. However, I will try and increase our recipe section. I will also try and address our marriage issues with a few of the learned Ulema.
Shukran  Fi amanillah
Br.Masoud Ahmed

Voices from Within
Groenpunt Maximum Centre
Private Bag X060
Vereeniging 1930
28 Zull-hijjah 1430 AH

Assalamu Alaikum wa barakatu
Currently I am an inmate who is serving a long term sentence in above mention prison. As the inmate I am now regretting for the past deeds, I hereby humbly submit this request pleading for help.
I am asking the coordinating office to provide me with Islam Alive copies for each month. I know this will help and assist us as offenders so as we can be able to use your knowledge as tools to plough back to the community I once wronged upon my release.
N.B Please send them to the above mentioned address or please contact Moulana I.M. Kaloo.
Mansoor Tshepo Moepi- 201 244 870

Editor’s Response
Brother Mansoor
Our Duas are with you. It is wonderful to see the work that is going on behind the high walls of prison. I have had the opportunity of visiting our inmates here at the Westville Prison and have contacted Moul. Kaloo. I will arrange to visit the Groenpunt facility soon. May Our Creator give you the strength to continue spreading His word under such trying circumstances.

Abdul Hadi Mahomed
13 Briza Road
Overport 4091
RE:Letter to the editor

Salaams Brother Masoud Ahmed
Congratulations on an exciting, yet informative magazine. The articles expressed in your media should be a wake-up call to Muslims living in Durban. We take too many things for granted; it’s the simple things in life which really makes a dramatic impact on our lives. We should learn to follow the true teachings of our beloved Prophet (SAW) and lead simple uncomplicated lives. May the ummah of Allah grow from strength to strength, Insha-Allah! Jazakallah Khairan for the wonderful magazine.

Abdul Hadi Mahomed

Editor’s Response

Wa-Alaikum salaam
Brother Abdul Hadi Mahomed.
Shukran for your kind words, duas and well wishes. May our Creator answer all your duas. I just want to quickly share something with you. Whatever you have written in your letter should be set in stone and placed in every Muslim home. You have very surgically and in a very uncomplicated manner described the inner qualities of  a true mu’meen (Believer) May our Creator allow us to make those little changes in our life, so we can become the nation that we once were. Ameen

My son-The Mureed

My son was involved in an attempted hijacking/ shootout in December 2008. Six months later at the same spot he was shot at again. By the grace of the Almighty he was saved on both occasions. My son is a “Mureed” of a “Hazrat “(As he is referred to by his mureeds). This man I presume has a ‘crystal ball “that shows him who was responsible for my son’s incidents. According to my son, this man says that his blood family is behind his shootings. My son, being of a weak mind accused his own sister of being the main suspect. This man has brainwashed my son to such an extent that this has broken up family ties. My daughter has severed all relationships with her brother. Furthermore, this man has filled my son’s head with nonsense that his marhoom father who passed away 9 years ago, saved him the last time he was shot. Islam does not teach us this. Only Allah Taa’la saves and protects us. This “hazrat” is apparently so powerful that just by visiting my son’s father in laws grave (Has been dead for the past 25 years) has made this marhoom his mureed. This is totally unislamic and nonsensical.
The general public to need to know how people of this nature can destroy families.

May Allah Taa’la save him and all his Mureeds.

Editor’s Response

Was- Salaam
My duas are with you. I sincerely wish your son eventually realizes that the hogwash coming out of this man is the crafty work of Shaitaan. This man is no Hazrat. A Hazrat is a friend of Our Creator. No person that is a friend of our Creator will utter such nonsense. You need to strengthen your sons mind and his Imaan by instilling in him regular Salaah and continuous recital of the Holy Quraan- He should recite La-Howla- Wa la Qu watha……………Azeem as often as he can.
Let the last line of your letter serve as awareness to those people involved in this kind of Bid’dah.
Br.Masoud Ahmed

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