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Islam Alive has been involved in trying to keep the dignity of widows by allowing them to purchase whatever they may need on a monthly basis. We do not make up hampers, but rather allow them the choice of whatever their needs are. They are each handed a voucher to the value of R250,00 which is redeemable at a local Supermarket. Although they have a free rein to make their purchases, their purchases are monitored, in that they may not abuse their vouchers to obtain cigarettes and other luxury items. This is done on a monthly basis and is sustained purely from the proceeds of the magazine. We do not use any PUBLIC funds for this initiave. The funds come from the advertisers that advertise with us. It is rather unfortunate though, that we can only do so much for so few people. However, it is our fervent intention to increase the number of widows that we maintain to at 100 by the end of this year. This can only be done with the continued support of the advertisers. We urge our business community help us achieve this goal by advertising with us.

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