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In September 2011 Islam Alive announced its first ever Muazzin Dinner. We hosted approximately 180 Muazzins together with their families to enjoy a 6 Course Meal with us. Through the Grace of our Creator and a few sponsors Islam Alive spared no cost in putting together this amazing event. It was by far an event that had made a mark on every person that attended. This was not a FUND Raising Dinner, there were no tickets sold, there was no Cost to our Guests at all. It was 100% Free and done only for the pleasure of our Creator, and to mix with these humble servants of our Creator. Again, Islam alive bore the total cost of this event from funds that we generate through our advertisers. Every month we allocate a certain percentage of our income for events of this nature. As we are not a NPO Registered organization we rely purely on our adverts to keep the wheels of our Community Projects turning, without the support of the advertisers we will never be able sustain these and all of our commitments to the under privileged. We are already planning our next Muazzin Dinner for next year, and this time we are going to rally as much support we can from the local community, as our intention is to invite every Muslim and try to cater for at least 300 Muazzins from various localities. We urge the Community to come forward and make this Annual Muazzin Dinner a complete success.

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